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ELR owner thinks Bolt EV will look like Tesla Model 3
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Author:  klaus [ Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  ELR owner thinks Bolt EV will look like Tesla Model 3

Came across an interesting article on why a Volt & ELR owner thinks GM's Bolt Electric Vehicle will look like Tesla's Model 3

Put another way, don’t expect the Model E or the Bolt or anything Nissan, Audi or BMW to put out to look like a sized down Model S.

Why? Well a 20% smaller Model S (purely scaled down) means:

1.) Nowhere to put the people. (I have a Cadillac ELR, which lost 1 in of headroom from the Volt for design aesthetics and I barely fit in the front seat now and the back seat is basically non-existent) Remember, this is with a car that has a T-shaped battery and not a skateboard battery)

2.) Wait we have to use steel again to make it inexpensive? That means we aren’t building as big a car or it’ll weigh too much.

3.) 20% smaller car doesn’t mean 20% smaller battery capacity to get the same range. While weight matters, aerodynamics matter a lot more for distance driving. A “smaller” car doesn’t always been less aerodynamic load, especially given how slippery the Model S is today.

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